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Starting March every year, when tree allergies really take off, I have set up a dedicated clinic to focus on patients with hayfever only, seeing them on a Saturday. The aim of the clinic is to give a fully comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

At the one-hour visit, a senior allergy trained nurse under my supervision will undertake allergen skin prick testing to a broad range of air-borne allergens that can cause hayfever and we will also include allergens that can cause rhinitis or nose allergy all year round (e.g. such as cat and dust mites allergen). More information on how this is done, and what steps you must take to ensure we get a valid result (such as stopping anti-histamines 5 days before the visit) will be sent out at the time booking a clinic appointment. I will then interpret the results in the context of the clinical issues presented, and advise and if possible, prescribe the most appropriate medicine. Hayfever sometimes can be found not to be causing the problem and in such a situation, with your consent I will write a report to your GP, detailing a management plan for further investigations.

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